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Results ( 5 ) : 2014 - 1.

Reparations at the Human Rights Committee: Legal Basis, Practice and Challenges

Authors: V. David

Abstract: The Human Rights Committee (HRC) has succeeded in asserting its capacity to afford reparation in spite of the silence of the norms regulating its activity. The HRC has correctly interpreted the right to an effective remedy as enabling it to provide...

Human Rights Due Diligence for Corporations: from Voluntary Standards to Hard Law at Last?

Authors: O. Martin-ortega

Abstract: Multinational corporations may play a significant role in contemporary conflicts both directly or indirectly by contributing to the financing of activities of warring armed groups. The international attention to this problem has recently been integ...

The Effectiveness of Legislative Reform in Combating Domestic Violence: a Comparative Analysis of Laws in Ghana, Namibia and South Africa

Authors: C. Beninger

Abstract: Although women’s rights advocates laud the progressive domestic violence laws in Ghana, Namibia, and South Africa, such laws tend to generate controversy and internal resistance on cultural and traditional grounds, and are frequently criticised for...