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Results ( 5 ) : 2015 - 1.


Accountability for the Human Rights Implications of Natural Disasters: A Proposal for Systemic International Oversight

Authors: D. Cubie, M. Hesselman

Abstract: The practical and operational challenges of responding to disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes are well known. The recent decision by the UN Human Rights Council to commission research on best practices and challenges in the promo...

The Safe Th ird Country Concept in International Agreements on Refugee Protection: Assessing State Practice

Authors: M-T- Gil-bazo

Abstract: One of the expressions of international cooperation among States in the field of refugee protection is the adoption of international agreements that implement the “safe third country” and the “country of first asylum” concepts. This paper examines ...

Freedom of Expression and the Advocacy of Violence: Which Test Should the European Court of Human Rights Adopt?

Authors: A. Dyer

Abstract: This article examines the European Court of Human Rights’ violent advocacy jurisprudence. It observes that, since the decision in Leroy v France was delivered in October 2008, there has emerged some confusion concerning what the applicable test is ...