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Results ( 6 ) : 2014 - 2.


CPT, OPCAT and the Dutch Caribbean

Authors: A.M. Van Kalmthout

The Social Charter of the OAS: A Step Forward in the Enforcement of Socio-Economic Rights in the Americas?

Authors: F. Seatzu, A. Ubeda De Torres

Abstract: The text of the Social Charter in the Americas was formally launched and adopted at the 42th session of the Organization of American States (OAS) on 4 June 2012, renewing the quest for reinforcing economic and social rights in the continent. The 20...

Protecting Freedom to Manifest One’s Religion or Belief: Strasbourg or Luxembourg?

Authors: E. Howard

Abstract: Persons who want to manifest their religion through the wearing of religious symbols but who are prohibited from doing so appear to be unlikely to be successful in challenging these prohibitions under Articles 9 or 14 ECHR before the European Court...

Foregrounding Socio-Economic Rights in Transitional Justice: Realising Justice for Violations of Economic and Social Rights

Authors: A. Cahill-ripley

Abstract: Transitional justice has traditionally ignored or sidelined violations of economic and social rights, focussing on violations of civil and political rights as the primary grave human rights violations to be addressed when seeking justice for past a...