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Results ( 6 ) : 2014 - 4.


On the Interpretation of Human Rights Treaties and Subsequent Practice

Authors: D. Mcgrogan

Abstract: The interpretation of human rights treaties is not oft en addressed from a formal legal perspective. This article argues that such a perspective is necessary, and that it would likely involve conceptualising part of the work of the UN human rights ...

Advancing the Rights of Minorities and Indigenous Peoples: Getting UN Attention via the Universal Periodic Review

Authors: N. Higgins

Abstract: Having been neglected by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR),1 minority rights, and even more so, the rights of indigenous peoples, have developed in quite an ad hoc and indolent manner. The rights of minorities were recognised in Arti...

Multidimensional Discrimination in Judicial Practice: A Legal Comparison Between Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands

Authors: M. Jonker, S. Halrynjo

Abstract: The concept of multidimensional discrimination is claimed to pose considerable challenges for judicial practice. The methods for tackling discrimination on more than one ground have been extensively discussed in the literature but not yet comprehen...