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Results ( 8 ) : 2015 - 4.


Reflections on Human Rights in the Netherlands

Authors: K. Arts

‘Their Way of Punishing’: Corporal Punishment by Indigenous Peoples and the Prohibition of Torture

Authors: A. Gurmendi Dunkelberg

Abstract: Both the right of indigenous peoples to cultural integrity and the prohibition of torture and other cruel, inhuman and degrading treatments and punishments are vital features of the character of modern international law. However, these two essentia...

Defining the Right to Participate in Cultural Life as a Human Right

Authors: C. Romainville

Abstract: Drawing on Cass Sunstein’s theory of incompletely theorized and specified agreements, this article intends to describe, explain and assess the legal regime of the right to participate in cultural life in international law. It offers a redefinition ...

Government-sponsored Population Policies and Indigenous Peoples: Challenges for International Human Rights Law

Authors: R. Pereira

Abstract: This paper examines whether indigenous peoples’ right to reproductive autonomy can be established from the right to self-determination and to health under international human rights law, and the extent to which their reproductive health rights can ...

Refugeeship and Natural Law: The European Court of Human Rights

Authors: I. Kfir

Abstract: The contemporary international refugee system was the product of a desire to provide protection and assistance to those who have a well-founded fear of persecution, a somewhat sophistic term in the twenty-first century. Increasingly, however, the s...