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Results ( 5 ) : 2015 - 3.

The ECtHR’s Response to Fundamental Rights Issues Related to Financial and Economic Difficulties: The Problem of Compartmentalisation

Authors: J. Gerards

Abstract: This paper presents an analysis of the case law of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) on fundamental rights limitations for which the States have advanced ‘economic’ or financial justifications. The analysis discloses important differences ...

Strengthening the Protection of Human Rights of Persons Living in Poverty under the ECHR

Authors: L. Lavrysen

Abstract: In recent years, the European Court of Human Rights has developed a significant jurisprudence which illustrates the added value of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) in the field of poverty. Building on the findings of Amartya Sen’s “ca...

What Does the Right to Health Mean? The Interpretation of Article 11 of the European Social Charter by the European Committee of Social Rights

Authors: C. Lougarre

Abstract: Social rights, and the right to health in particular, are still criticised for the vagueness of their legal content. What does realising the right to health mean, and when does a State breach its obligations under human rights law? Little research ...

Human Rights for Foxes and Hedgehogs

Authors: A. Buyse